Monday, February 26, 2018

A Vision

As I try to figure out what this blog actually is, I have also started to share via #booksnaps what I have been reading.

My latest read was the inevitable. I really liked this book because it shared a vision of what technology would look like in the future and gave a glimpse of things we could do to prepare for it.

So what is my vision for Alaska?

#AKedchat continues to host a general chat on Monday, Tuesday’s is #AKSTEAM chat which ranges from technology to place based education. Wednesday is #AKheritage: with a focus on Alaska Native language & culture...

In-service has been transformed to include digital edcamps where grade or subject teachers from regional districts meet and share with each other on a more regular basis. Video conferencing allows music teacher in one area to reach a student in another who doesn’t have a music teacher. PE teachers and art teachers can also do the same. Theater classes have a technology class too to film and edit behind the scenes and final performance videos.

As students travel for sports, hosting schools set up edcamps so that they can take advantage and learn during their visit. All High school students volunteer or intern to gain real world experience.

Utilizing flex books and inquiry-based education, each student has a personalized learning plan which balances academic basics with their interests. Classrooms collaborate with other grades in their school or with others across the nation or globe. Place based field trips and guest speakers blend with virtual guest speakers and VR field trips.

Using crowd funding or free apps/extensions, programs have access to a huge library of tools for their students to create with. District consortium share specialized tools such as drones or Star labs  that travel from location to location to allow access to the most rural sites.

There are no grades, each student also reflects on their learning daily through blogs or digital portfolios. Teachers track growth through formative or observation-based assessments.

Each district and school shares daily the incredible work they are doing. Principals check the weekly blogs of their teachers instead of lesson plans to have an on-going look at what is happening in all of their classrooms. Parents also have access to the blogs with resources in how to extend learning to the home since there are is no longer “homework.”

Dream with me... share what your vision of the future includes!